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Most of you probably heard about such term as the uniqueness of a written text.

Uniqueness is that unfortunate percentage that shows how original your project is. Today, when you deliver your educational assignments to professors, they tend to check those assignments for plagiarism with special software. If the program shows your essay or abstract is not original, your work will not be accepted.

Nowadays, you can find a huge number of various ways to check your text for antiplagiarism online. Each program uses a special algorithm, which is different from other programs. Therefore it is very difficult to create a text that would be unique in all the programs. There are three different free methods that can help you pass a diploma free of plagiarism.

• Changing of the text. This method is includes replacing the words in the text with some foreign phrases. As a result, you will easily get a high percentage of uniqueness. However, this method has one very serious flaw, which is underlining errors in the Word program. So, when your professor will open the document he or she will see a lot of underlining words where the letters have been replaced by foreign words. As a result, the situation will be even more embarrassing.

• Programs finding synonyms. There is a specialized program, which can be used to change existing words to synonyms. In this case, the antiplagiarism check can also be successful, but the sentences can often look unnatural, and sometimes even meaningless. Therefore, this method is not very effective if you need to write a good project.

• Rewriting. Rewriting of the text supposes that you need to rewrite the whole text in your words using unique combinations. This method is very effective for making your paper plagiarism-free, but in order to do this, you will need a lot of time, effort, and excellent knowledge of the language, punctuation, and spelling. In addition, some scientific names simply can’t be replaced.


If you want your document not to be plagiarized, then all you need to do is to contact us. Our professionals in the shortest timeframes will make your papers completely unique, and you’ll pass your work without any difficulties and problems. Do not rely on your own knowledge in this matter, because in order for your assignment to be unique, you need to know tenuity of how to make original projects.

Our professionals will do everything quickly and accurately. This does not affect the text and its contents, so you can be sure that the check of your document for antiplagiarism will be perfect. If you are not aware how to write a paper or essay plagiarism-free, do not hesitate and get in touch with us. We work with many texts and can urgently increase the uniqueness of projects. You will just need to tell us the percentage of uniqueness your paper should be and the deadlines and we'll do the rest ourselves.

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